PSC/PSI Optically Isolated Power Supply Control System from Apogee Labs

The PSC/PSI system provides precise control for analog or digitally controlled power supplies. One PSC master controls up to six individual PSI units (one PSI per power supply).

The PSC/PSI system is used on the Spallation Neutron Source with EPICS and Labview software.

PSC/PSI is also being in the process of being deployed at the Institute of High Energy Phyics in Beijing, China as a part of the Beijing Electron Positron Collider (BEPC II) project.

PSC Power Supply Controller

  • VME and chassis/rack mount models
  • Triggers: external, internal, software
  • Synchronous Timing per PSC or across multiple PSCs
  • 10KSamples/Second highest burst mode rate
  • Single multimode fiber pair cabling
    4000 meter theoretical limit, minimum 1500 meters in use
  • Circular buffers hold 5458 good data sets for fault analysis

PSI Power Supply Slave Units

  • VME and chassis/rack mount models
  • Supports multiple power supply models/manufacturers
  • Analog Harness
    • 16-bit DAC set point control
    • Four 16-bit ADC readbacks
  • Digital Harness
    • 15 Control bits
    • 16 Status bits

Custom Designs

While there is no reason to replace a proven standard like PSC-PSI for most deployments, some projects may require additional features. For example, Apogee Labs has developed a method to provide true RMS capability, which could be incorporated into a customized design.

System Flowchart (click to expand)